Premium Bikeverleih + MTB-Touren mit lizensierten Guides im Osten von Mallorca

El Camí Es la meta... [Der Weg ist das Ziel]

CAMI-Bike Guide Team and Philosophy

Roxybike's Station CAMI-Bike in Cala Millor, East Mallorca, has been offering top-notch mountain bike rental and guided bike tours in small group sizes with professional and certified guides, since 2011.

Our motto is: El Camí es la Meta = which means "The route is the goal".

On our tours, our aim is to spend a great day riding bikes with you, showing you the most beautiful trails in Mallorca, great single tracks and secluded bays, Mallorca's stunning nature and amazing beaches. And all of these points are worth even more, if you are riding an excellent bike, which has been set-up to your weight and preferences. Your unique bike holiday experience is what matters to us.

Safe riding, sustainability and nature-friendliness are important to us. That is why all our guides are professionally trained and yearly-recertified (!) and service-oriented, our mountain bikes are top-notch, our mechanics are professionals and we ride only in small groups. Our skills trainers have completed education programmes of at least two years and attend further training courses yearly.

In addition to high-quality rental bikes set-up to your weight and wishes, we offer you a wide selection of equipment with your rental bike. A helmet, gloves, a backpack, drinking bottles, locks, a spare inner tube and pedals are included in the price of your rental mountainbike. In addition, we take a lot of photos of you during our guided tours and we send these photos to you after the tour - free of charge!

Your CAMI-Bike Mountain Bike Guide Team:


Roxy, owner and founder of Roxybike and CAMI-Bike, guides the tours and is the head instructor of the skills courses.

About Roxy:

  • Graduate Sports Mental Trainer (2019)
  • Level 3 BICP-certified Advanced Skills Instructor. BICP Instructor Trainer. And Level 1 and 2, obviously ;-) (2018)
  • FT1, FT2 and 2x FT 3 DIMB-certified Mountain Bike Skills Instructor (Skills Instructor Certification of the German IMBA). (2014 - 2017)
  • ÖRV-licensed Bike Park and Freeride Guide.
  • BDR-licenced MTB-Guide and MTB-Trainer.
  • Used to dance in musicals, has a BSc. in Translating and Interpreting.
  • Follow Roxy on her Instagram Profile.



Berni, our Austrian Surfer Boy, chief mechanic and skills instructor.

About Berni:

  • Level 3 BICP-Certified Advanced Skills Instructor. (+ Level 1 and Level 2)
  • ÖRV Austria licenced Bike Park and Freeride Guide.
  • Roxy- and MTB-Academy certified Skills Instructor. 
  • Graduate Sports Mental Trainer.
  • Has been working at CaMi-Bike since 2014.
  • Is actually an engineer ;-)

Picture coming soon...


MTB-Guide Trainee, Shop + Service

Javier, our Argentinian Sunny Boy.

About Javier:

  • Speaks Spanish, Italian, German and English.
  • BICP-Certified Level 1 Ride Guide.
  • Always happy and relaxed. Loves to see and show the beauty of Mallorca!
  • Trained mechanic.

Picture coming soon...


MTB-Guide Trainee, Shop + Service

Trust him, he's an engineer ;-)

About Lutz:

  • Speaks German and English.
  • BICP-Certified Level 1 Ride Guide.
  • Always happy to tech-talk about bike parts and more :-)
  • Actually a mechanical engineer.

Picture coming soon...


MTB-Guide Trainee, Shop + Service

Our Event and Concert-Conoisseur.

About Tobias:

  • Speaks German and English.
  • BICP-Certified Level 1 Ride Guide.
  • Always happy to tell you more about our guided rides and bikes:-)


Brigitte answers your phone calls and emails and organises the back-office.

Call her to book your tour with us on 0034 646 118 659 or fill out our contact form here.

Also help us from time to time:


Marcel is from Austria and now lives in South Tyrol with his family. He comes to Mallorca once in a while to guide some trails by the seaside ;-)

About Marcel:

  • South Tyrol certified Bike Instructor and Guide.
  • BICP-Certified Level 1 Ride Guide and Level 2 Skills Instructor.
  • Has been guiding at Roxybike since 2015.