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Corona - COVID-19 Update - March 15th, 2020

Dear Clients,

We understand you probably are watching the news for the latest turn of events as the COVID-19 virus continues to spread. So are we...

The situation here in Mallorca is changing rapidly and we are trying to stay ahead to be responsible to our community, to get information to our clients, to protect our staff and to follow the instructions from the authorities.

FIRST of all - we would like to THANK all our clients who have been sending us WARM and CONCERNED emails and who have been donating and helping us so much to survive this crisis. THANK YOU - we can not express our gratitude ❤❤❤

Our Owner and Head Coach Roxy has filmed a short clip for you (click below), to highlight why it is important to ACT NOW - if we want to slow down this global crisis...

At present in Mallorca, Sunday March 15th, the island is in full lock down for 2 weeks. The main and important things that are happening because of the lock down right now:

  • Schools, bars, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, libraries, museums, shopping centres are  closed for 2 to 3 weeks
  • Instructions to ONLY leave the house for shopping, pharmacy or doctor visits   
  • Instructions not to meet up in groups
  • Instructions to avoid any human contact
  • Medical services are available for emergencies only - these do not include biking accidents ;-)
  • Restricted public transport
  • Restricted movement

Whilst we are concerned, we believe the most prudent course of action now to follow these measures.

It is with great regret therefore that we are required to close our bike station for 2 weeks as part of the government mandated lockdown.

------->  We are hence closed from March 15th until march 29th, 2020. <-------



Currently there are travel restrictions in place but the situation changes day by day. We are asking you for patience and understanding as we are faced with dozens of requests. Please bear with us, we are a small business and we do hope normal service can be resumed soon and we will certainly do our best to accommodate everyone. We will get in touch and offer solutions.

We fully appreciate and are grateful for your understanding at this challenging time. 


Rest assured we are continuing with our plans and preparations for the season. It is far enough away and while we cannot predict the outcome, we are optimistic that we will continue with the season as planned in due course.

We are a small business. In order for us to survive this, we ask for your patience and understanding. We are very grateful for the dozens of DONATIONS and super friendly messages we have already received - THANK YOU - we will survive this and soon be riding together, again! ❤❤❤

We will of course do our best to be flexible and as the situation unfolds we will be in a better position to assist you in achieving the best outcome.

This is an unprecedented global health crisis with profound financial repercussions. With your help and understanding we remain optimistic about the future.
Good luck, stay safe and I hope to see you all in Mallorca very soon.
Team Roxybike and CAMI-Bike